About Us


For Kontura, the window is more than a glazed frame. It represents the visual connection between the outer world and the inner world. As human beings we are attracted to the light and warmth that comes to us through it. It represents health, growth and courage to change. It was the latter that determined Kontura to enter this investment, unparalleled in the region. The latest technology, the thirst for innovation and the motivated team have outlined Kontura.
Kontura offers a full range of 70 mm and 85 mm profile designs of doors and windows through sophisticated extrusion process. This process involves melting the granules (plastic raw material), shaping it through molds into continuous profiles and then cutting them to different lengths.
We are proud of what we have built so far. But the relationship we have built with our partners is what we value most. It is precisely this approach that has enabled us to create a synergy between us, which has resulted in our mutual growth.




A perfect job is noticed in the details. The most advanced technology helps Kontura to create products in the best shape.


For us, the production of profiles is not a job, but a passion. This feature inspires us as well as empowers our productivity.


The longevity of the profiles is an added value that make Kontura the leading manufacturer of PVC window profiles in the region and beyond.


Production requires skill. Skills requires competence, while competence makes us responsible to live our vision.


There is no small or large client for Kontura. Everyone deserves proper respect. It is this element that sows mutual trust, security and well-being.


Complete loyalty to the company and passionate work encloses Kontura’s range of values. This is thanks to the creation of an environment where each employee is valued and rewarded for even the smallest input.





Head of board directors

Yll Beqiri

Sales Director

Fidan Rizvanolli

Production director

The Advantages of Kontura

  • Wide range
  • Endless options for the most required profiles 70 mm and 85 mm.
  • Energy efficient
  • Each profile system is designed to meet the construction requirements for CO2 emissions.
  • 10 years of warranty on white profiles
  • 15 years of warranty on laminated profiles.